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NCCM Spotlight: August 2021

NCCM Spotlight_Korinne Armour_August 2021

How long have you worked in case management?
I have been a case manager for 12 years and in the industry 20 years.

How did you find your way into the profession?
I began working as a tele-interviewer while in college then found my way to a home office where I gained a lot of experience in the New Business cycle. My role in the home office environment involved project development to improve policy placement. Placement is something I am passionate about and I realized I could have the greatest impact working directly with advisors on the GA side.

What is your favorite thing about being a case manager?
My favorite thing about case management is using my expertise to move cases along quickly with minimal disruption to the advisor and their client, resulting in the placed policy.

How has the NCCM certification impacted your career?
Continuing education is imperative to refresh your spirit and sharpen the tools you have. The NCCM courses really focused on serving our advisors and what importance of each step in the application process. Keeping this at the forefront of what I do shows in the success of each case.

What was the most valuable part of the NCCM certification course for you, and why?
Several case managers from Innovative Underwriters completed the course together. Having in depth conversations on the content and encouraging each other along the way brought us together in a new way. Also, being able to discuss what we learned with the rest of our team and other departments within our organization allows us all to provide even greater service to our advisors.